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saskia hölbling / cie. dans.kias

I met saskia hölbling the first time in venezuela in 1999, she was performing a duet with willI dorner at the young choreographers festival of caracas. we got to know each other more and more as I was visiting vienna for holidays. when she knew that I would move to vienna, she asked if I would like to work in her company, I said yes! when we started working I immediately felt very connected as our fields of interests and researches about the body have been (and still are) very close....

I have been on stage with saskia hölbling / dans.kias in the following creations:

- other feature - 2002
a-ronne * 2002
superposition corps - 2004
labyrinth * 2004
your body is the shoreline - 2005
f on a pale ground - 2007
secret sight - 2008
- naturale & visage - 2009
- pictographic events - 2010

* in coop with the wiener taschenoper

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