moravia naranjo

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moravia naranjo

I woke up realizing that everything was in the wrong place, including myself. was I simply looking at the normal world of weirdness or at the weird world of normality? in, I explore the ability of a body in constant flux. (dis)placed in an uncanny environment which refers to social systems, I discover the strength of an excessive body which cannot be reduced to a singular identity. I find a body with more than halves: half human - half animal - half object - half normal ..… a body charges of tics, sudden outbursts of energy and multiple eyes that are in a permanent state of observation. visceral consciousness that draws me towards a new creature, who finally stands up and takes the voice. what this creature is going to say?

concept - Idea
choreography - dance
composition - music
sound operator
stage - lights
choreographiy assistant
dramaturgical advice
moravia naranjo & krisha
moravia naranjo
heinz ditsch
moritz cizek
heide kinzelhofer
charlotte vandevyver has been performed at:

tanzquartier wien > vienna, austria - may 2006
imagetanz > vienna, austria - march 2007

many thanx to:
thomas fasching, sigrid gareis, bettina hagen, martina hochmuth, ziga kariz, krassimira krusckova, nina mesko
ela piplits, richard siegal, myriam van imschoot and anna macrae


co-produced by
tanzquartier wien
with the support of
the city of vienna
the federal chancellery of austria
in collaboration with
pact zollverrein > essen, germany

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