moravia naranjo

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moravia naranjo

there are days we find ourselves utterly confused, have no idea whether we are coming or going. on others we are seemingly taking pleasure in a world gone upside down, and every little twist in our perception will make us smile. in atraída there is an accordion weeping, there is a white dance floor, and a white back wall covered by an empty frame. atraída translates as "to be attracted by something" or "to gravitate towards something" -and a body does indeed challenge gravity, while the black frame hanging beside it reminds us of the ubiquitous risk to step out of line...

concept - idea
choreography - dance
composition - accordion
stage - lights
moravia naranjo & krisha
moravia naranjo
heinz ditsch
saskia hölbling
atraída has been performed at:

- young choreographers festival > caracas, venezuela - june 2004
impulstanz > vienna, austria - july 2004
tanzquartier wien > vienna, austria - march 2005
lafundicion > bilbao, spain - may 2005
artium museum > victoria, spain - may 2005

many thanx to mark tompkins


with the support of
the city of vienna
the federal chancellery of austria

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