moravia naranjo

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mmadi make dubs
moravia naranjo

mmadi make dubs is a solo performance for dance and voice, which integrates dance and dub poetry to transmit the imaginary of what “mmadi make” would say today at the hofburg in vienna. mmadi make was the given name of the african slave better known as “angelo soliman”, - the royal moor -, who became a very respected person in vienna at the times of joseph II and mozart until he ended up padded as a taxidermic object in the museum after his death in 1796.

with texts from dub poets like linton kwesi johnson, lesego rampolokeng, lillian allen and others, as well as my own texts, I was trying to find soliman’s voice of today, once again bringing back africa to the royal hofburg... maybe in a different way than in the 18th century.

moravia naranjo
geri pappenberger

mmadi make dubs was created for an special contemporary dance event that took place at the imperial rooms of the hofburg, nowadays the representative background for the austrian president...

the hofburg > vienna, austria - june 2009


with the support of
the federal chancellery of austria

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