moravia naranjo

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skin, voice & memories of someone else…
moravia naranjo & the diving home band

skin, voice & memories of someone else… is a solo dance performance with life music of “the diving home band”. in this work, I explore the voice of the exile, traversing the complexities of displacement, dislocation and home that are carried within one body. I am singing. I have lost my own skin, notwithstanding, I remember all the voices that are inscribed within me, voices that are traveling through my own substance. the piece is inspired by the lives, texts and songs of billie holiday (usa), la lupe (cuba), violeta parra (chile), miriam makeba (south africa) and lillian allen (jamaica/canada).

concept - choreography - dance - vocals
choreographic inputs
arrangements - guitar - vocals
drums - percussion - vocals
bass - vocals
moravia naranjo
benoît lachambre
peter panayi
ric toldon
kris jefferson / herfried napp
otto lechner / wolfgang tockner

skin, voice & memories of someone else has been performed at:

tanzquartie wien > vienna, austria - may 2008 & october 2009
impulstanz > vienna, austria - august 2008

many thanx to:
bettina hagen, andrea silva, vicente ulive schnell, laurent goldring, ernestine halbwild, nadja piplits, klaus rink
geri pappenberger, nadia lauro, krisha and antonija livigstone


co-produced by
tanzquartier wien
with the support of
the city of vienna
the federal chancellery of austria
studio - support by
cie. dans.kias

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