moravia naranjo

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voices of the skin
moravia naranjo, anna macrae & the diving home band

the skin is people’s biggest organ. it envelopes the body, »encloses« the subject and marks its outside. simultaneously permeable and regulative, it receives external influences, tells of difference – age, gender and social – and at the same time marks the transition to our inside – to emotions and psychological states.
the voices of the skin takes up this movement of constant transformation and uses the malleability of the body for the starting point of exploration of various constellations of change – between chaos and order, between freedom and suppression, between tolerance and revolt.

concept - artistic direction
choreography - dance - vocals
arrangements - guitar - vocals
drums - percussion - vocals
bass - vocals
vocal coach
light - sound
moravia naranjo
moravia naranjo & anna macrae
peter panayi
ric toldon
kris jefferson
ernestine halbwidl
gerald pappenberger

voices of the skin has been performed at:

tanzquartier wien > vienna, austria - may 2011

peter panayi on myspace
kris jefferson on myspace

many, many thanx to:
barbara fratzl


with the support of
the city of vienna
the federal chancellery of austria

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